Give yourself a bump in the right direction.

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Move to Feel Better

One Reminder
per time of day

One Simple thing you can surely
accomplish for your well-being

Record your mood
before you begin

Take a few moments to check in with yourself, how do you feel right now from 1 to 10?
Nothing complicated, just your general mood

Choose your type of movement

Swipe through the exercise menu
and choose what you feel like:

- an easy or fast walk
- a quick run
- some dancing

and when you're ready,
start the timer and begin to move.

Wrapping up

Check In again on how you feel after
you move, and just record the new number.

Track your Improvements

See how much each activity boosts your mood, and tweak it accordingly.


We all think we get enough sleep,

but nearly no one does.
And everything feels worse when you're sleep deprived.
It's our most important metric, but also the one that we neglect the most.

Just being aware of this can help a lot.

We’re here to help you keep track of it,
and remind you to wind down earlier when you need to.

Try the offline,
print version

Want to test the idea now,
without the app?

You can download and try working with a simplified, offline version.

Just print it out, stick it on your wall and start filling in the numbers.

The concept is still the same, and you should feel the positive change once you start paying attention to the small, short term benefits of quick daily tweaks.